Gentleman Telugu Movie Review

Jun 17, 2016

Natural star Nani who is in full swing with back to back success is come as Gentleman, today. Let’s get into Gentleman Telugu movie review whether Nani continues his success streak or not.


Tale starts in a friendly conversation between co-passengers Catherine (Nivetha Thomas) and Aishwarya (Surabhi) in the flight. Meanwhile, both Catherine and Aishwarya narrates their love story with Gautham(Nani) and Jai.  Catherine is shocked after watching Gautam is receiving Aishwaya.  Aishwarya introduces him as her fiancĂ©e, Jai.

Is Jai and Gautam  both really exist? Are there any connection between Jai and Gautam? Are Catherine is cheated by Gautam? To Know, you have to watch Gentleman.


In Gentleman, Nani has done splendid job by depicting both shades hero and villain. He nicely balanced the emotions and he successfully puzzled the viewers about the nature of his role, till climax. Nani is terrific. Later, Gentleman lovers, both Nivetha Thomas and Surabhi has done pretty good job. Especially, Nivetha Thomas has made a strong debut. She is cute and beautiful. Particularly, in some scenes, she has created her impact. Surely, she will going to another brilliant and top actress in future.

The remaining characters done their job, neatly. Mainly, Vennela Kishore tickle your funny bones like anything. His comedy is one of the assets of the film. After watching, everyone will talk about the performance of this super talented star comedy actor Vennela Kishore.

When come to technical analysis, first and foremost, music director Manisharma songs and music are awesome. His background score is soul of Gentleman. DOP has done good job. The production values are also good.

Director Mohankrishna Indhraganti has driven the plot balancedly with perfect command on the script. The way he handled the film till the end without unveiling the nature of Nani is awesome. Despite some lag in the first half, the second half completely gives you all the exciting stuff with tight narration.

Positive Points:

Nani, Nivetha Thomas, Vennela Kishore


Director Mohankrishna Indhraganti

Negative Points:

Lag in First half, which is negligible.


Gentleman is a beautiful and intriguing thriller with some wonderful work of actors and technical team. Gentleman worth your penny.