Bollywood Megastar Becomes Hot Topic On Internet

Jun 13, 2016

Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan has once again proved why people have kept such tag for his name. For his next, Dangal, he is playing a wrester who narrates two phases of his life. One as old man with over 55 years age. The other is a young wrestler with 26-27 age.

Aamir increased his weight for the old character. From a muscular man, he became fat for the role. Now, for playing the younger wrestler, he lost weight and rebuilt a muscular body. This time very muscular.

Within no time after the pic was released , the trend Dangal has taken the social media by storm. It is trending India wide in Twitter. Netizens are in complete surprise , how did Aamir manage this ? He has really turned into a beast.