Vishal Rayudu Movie Review

May 27, 2016

Andhrapulse brings you Rayudu Movie Review this weekend. The film has Vishal, Sri Divya are seen in lead roles. Written and directed by Muttaiah and produced by G. Hari on Hari Venkateshwara Pictures. The film's music is provided by D. Imman.

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Rayudu (Vishal), a coolie in local market leads his life happily until  Bhagyam (Sridivya) enters into the life of Rayudu. Rolex Bachi (RK Suresh) is a dreaded goon who tries to end Bhagyam's family for personal reasons.

However, Bhagyam files a case on Rolex Bachi (RK Suresh). This is the time for Rayudu who tries to save Bhagyam from Rolex Bachi. Will Rayudu save Bhagyam is rest of the story.


Vishal carried this film on his shoulders with his power packed performances. His action stunts in the film are the major asset.

Sri Divya manages well with impressive performance as Bhagyam in the movie. She has much importance in the film and she looks gorgeous with traditional attire.

RK Suresh is terrific in the role of Rolex Bachi.

Kolla Pulli Leela performs decent.

Radharavi is Ok


The music by D. Imman is just only for the time length to kill the run time of the movie. His BGM is good in limited scenes and most of the film has loud score.

Cinematography by Velraj is the major asset.

Production Values by Hari Venkateshwara Pictures is decent.

Art Direction Department is good.

Muttaiah comes with routine revenge plot and the director has managed well with his excellence in screenplay. Though the plot goes on predictable note, the screenplay goes interesting.


Rayudu comes with decent expectations and the audience reactions for the commercial plot goes on average note. Though the film has action, sentiment and love chemistry elements, the story goes on predictable note.

Vishal and Sri Divya are the only major highlights in the movie. The film's first half starts on slow note and the story gets interesting only before the pre-climax. Rest of the film deals with no interesting scenes and the movie ends with weak climax.


Routine Action Drama

RATING: 2.5/5