Catherine Tresa slams news website

May 11, 2016

Actress Catherine Tresa who is on joy celebrating her success through the film Sarrainodu film is in response to the local news paper slamming them to understand what she exactly meant.

Her post in social networking page is currently trending for a particular reason. About the local website,"This is in response to the below article.

To the Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad.

The levels you stoop to in the name of journalism never ceases to amaze me. To write that I had no idea what my own lines in the film meant shows you really should not be writing at all. Common sense would dictate that I need to understand my lines before I deliver them in the film. But obviously, common sense and all forms of logic is clearly lacking in your case.

I'm going to educate you a little about the way that monologue was meant to be delivered ( just incase you didn't understand the film that was in your language).

In the film, those lines, even though threatening, were used in a really good humoured, entertaining scene. People were laughing in response to those lines in the theatres, as was intended. The same was what I did on stage, modulated differently, keeping in mind the tone of the event. And it was a complete riot. The crowd loved it.

Your uninformed article also mentioned that I don't understand the language. On the contrary, I understand completely and converse rather fluently as it is a part of my job. You are in no position whatsoever to imply or infer that I do not know my job. If you followed my work or spoke to the people I work with, you would know the truth. Oh but yes, you are not interested in the truth. Or perhaps, the sorry excuse you have for a brain cannot fully comprehend it. The article is so ridiculously illogical making your stupidity speak for itself. Just about anyone who has watched the film and my delivery of those lines on stage would know better. So the joke is really on you.
P.S. To all my audience, don't let yourselves be influenced or guided by quacks like these. They are even stupider than you can imagine."

The actress has earlier acted in few telugu films and Sarrainodu is her third working film with Stylish Star Allu Arjun.