Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review

Apr 11, 2016

Story :- 

Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) got transfered to Ratanpur town on a hidden work which was planned by its Prince Mukesh Rishi. Gabbar Singh at first takes its cool and enjoys in the city. Post a big twist Gabbar Singh makes his entry back to fight over the bad things of Bhairav Singh (Sherad Kelkar) who is the goon from the royal family. Arshi (Kajal Agarwal) is princess of the town and faces threats from Bhairav Singh. How Gabbar Singh fights against Bhairav Singh and marries Arshi forms the crux.


Pawan Kalyan is energetic and as usual his performance as Gabbar Singh boosts much energy to the story.

Kajal Agarwal is beutiful

Sharad Kelkkar is good with his debutante villain act in Tollywood

Others are good with their well-itched roles. 


Musical scores by Devi Sri Prasad are good on big screens while his Background elevated scenes aptly.

Cinematography is cool and showed the entire Rattanpur set in reality

Dialogues are good and packed with punches that needed

Pawan Kalyan screenplay needs much depth and freshness lacked on a whole

Bobby has done a perfect direction to the script and dragged second half. 

Production values are rich. 

Analysis :

Sardaar Gabbar Singh can be said as it is all in all Powerstar Pawan Kalyan show. First half has right elements that engaged audience to the seats and the entertianment is good. The story has given good boost up with action scenes and Interval sequences are shot aesthically. Second half is packed up with few comedy sequences and rest seems to be dragged to large extent. Two songs could be edited in this half. Story is the basic minus as it been in discussion since ages. 

Final Word:-

A Power-packed entertainer could have a watch.

Rating :- 3/5