Attack Movie Review

Apr 2, 2016

Ram Gopal Varma is back with Attack Movie starring Manchu Manoj,Prakash Raj, Naveen Vadde, Jagapathi Babu and Surabhi in key role. The film is produced by C Kalyan, Swethalana and Teja under C K Entertainments banner.

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Guru Raj (Prakash Raj) will be attacked and murdered brutally by unknown gang. His three sons Kali (Jagapathy Babu), Gopi (Vadde Naveen), Radha (Manchu Manoj) try to chase the mystery on their Dad's murder.

On the process, Elder Brother Kali will also be killed. This is the time where Radha comes into the scene to solve the mystery of the clue less murder on his family.

How did Radha solve the problem? How Surabhi is connected in the story forms the crux.


Manchu Manoj is good in the role of Radha and his acting gets in serious connection throughout the film.

Prakash Raj role is all about twists and turns in the film.

Naveen Vadde gives decent reentry

Jagapathi Babu justifies his role as Kali.

Surabhi and Poonam Kaur roles are limited

Abhimanyu Singh looks terrific


Ravi Shankar's musical scores are just okay and the BGM is a bit loud throughout the film.

Cinematography by Anji is decent.

Anwar Ali's editing is below par.

Production Values are rich.

Director Ram Gopal Varma has copied all his favorite scenes from his brand stories and presented in this film. The major assets in the film are his directional skills by presenting the film with Ariel shots and few shots in both halves.


The film's title Attack is justified with the shot on Prakash Raj's attack by the unknown gang. The film has nothing to do with story or screenplay. The roles come and go with no twists or turns except in Prakash Raj scene.

However, RGV managed to present all his earlier film scenes and gives a weak justice. The roles donned by Prakash Raj and Jagapathi Babu are only meant for Attack and latter half deals with how Manchu Manoj survive by solving this murder mysteries. Weak Story, Weak Screenplay and boring bgm is all about Attack.

The film's both halves goes on boring note and one can easily irritated with boring screenplay and loud background score.

Final Word:

Ignorable Attack