Shourya Movie Review

Mar 4, 2016

Andhrapulse is back with Manchu Manoj's Shourya Movie Review directed by Dasarath. The film is produced on Suraksh Entertainments by Malkapuram Shiva Kumar. The film has Regina Cassandra,Prakash Raj, Nagineedu, Subbaraju, Brahmandam and others in crucial roles. K vedaa provides tunes.

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Shourya (Manchu Manoj), Nethra (Regina Cassandra) are close friends who falls for each other and decides to marry. Nethra's Dad Sathyamurthy (Nagineedu) and his uncle Krishna Murthy (Subbaraju) opposes to their proposal which indeed change the life of the duo who decides to leave India and settle in   UK.

On their journey, Shourya also promises Nethra to visit her native place. Twist in the tale arises when Nethra is attacked by strange persons in her village. This is the time where Shourya also being suspected on Nethra's attack.

What happens to Nethra? How will Shourya deal it? Will Shourya comes to know who attacked Nethra is rest of the story.


Manchu Manoj for the first time plays an interesting role with decent and stabilised role as Shourya. He is the backbone of entire movie.

Regina Cassandra looks gorgeous in her role with major twist in her character.

Prakash Raj is heart of the film. The actor has given his best once again with much antipicated performance.

Other Supporting roles donned by Nagineedu, Subbaraju are OK.

Technical Department:

Director Dasarath is known for emotional content and his brilliance in screenplay. In this film, the director has chosen a different angle in presenting the film with in interesting screenplay. However, the director has failed to carry the tempo of the narration through out the movie.

Background Score by K Vedaa is decent and the songs turned to be un situational

Production Values by Suraksh is not up to the mark.


Shourya film is all about crime and thriller elements which deals in both halves. The director has portrayed multi dimensions in executing the film with less logics. The film's first half goes on slow pace with no interesting scenes and entertainment.

Though there is scope for making interesting scenes, Dasarath has tried to explain the film's concept with confustion. Apart from Manchu Manoj, Prakash Raj roles, the film has nothing to discuss. Screenplay and Editing could have been better in execution.

Final Verdict:

Routine Thriller

RATING: 2.5/5