O Sthree Repu Raa Movie Review

Mar 13, 2016

O Sthree Repu Raa is the film directed by Ashok Reddy and produced on Reading Lamp Creations. The film has Ashish Gandhi, Vamsi Krishna, Diksha Panth, Shruthi Mole in key roles. Ghantasala Viswanath composes tunes to this horror genre.

Based on the true incidents, in 90's most the village houses has mentioned as O Sthree Repu Raa on their compound walls in order to avoid paranormal activities or Devil or souls. This is what the director has showcased in the feature film too.

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Monica (Diksha Panth), a sincere and hardworking publisher who tries to publish her articles will be offered to write about O Sthree Repu Raa story basing some villages that were suffered with shivering incidents.

Monica and her boyfriend (Ashish Gandhi) decide to chase the reason behind the mystery and comes to strange interaction with Seenu (Vamsi Krishna) and Kalyani (Shruthi Mole), a dead souls.

Will Monica sucessfully wrap her task? How Seenu (Vamsi Krishna) and Kalyani (Shruthi Mole) interlinked with the entire story is the main crux.


Diksha Panth selects a unique subject to show are talent in performance wise through this film. This role in Monica gives good asset for her to cash her upcoming offers.

Ashish Gandhi, Vamsi Krishna impresses with their natural acting skills and timely dialogues with impressive expressions.

Shruthi Mole is Okay but need to improve her acting and expressions.

Technical Department

Ghantasala Viswanath has scored extraordinary music and gives Goosebumps back ground score maintaining the substance of horror.

Screenplay and Editing is below par

Production Values by Reading Lamp Creations is Okay

Direction Ashok Reddy is not a good deal and the director has only focused to elevate each role instead of keeping the horror elements alive.


The film O Sthree Repu Raa is a disappointing attempt by the director as the film has nothing to do with horror and film goes on flatter mode.

Though the film starts on thrilling note, the film's first half has no interesting scenes and the screenplay is below the expections with confustion in narrations.

The latter half goes on predictable note upto the pre-climax episode which scores decent with Vamsi Krishna's ultimate performance.

Final Word:

Predictable Horror Story