Kathakali Movie Review

Mar 18, 2016

Andhrapulse brings you Vishals' Kathakali Telugu Movie Review this friday. The  film has Catherine Tresa as the leading lady. Pandiraj directed this film and produced by Vishal under his banner Vishal Film Factory.

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Kamal (Vishal) on a cause leaves India and goes to USA. While days pass by, he comes back to India to marry his lover Malleswari (Catherine Tresa).

During his visit to India, Kamal spents his most time with his close pals. This is the time where Sambasivudu (Madhusudhan Rao), president of Fishers Association in Kakinada comes into clash with Kamal’s family.

Kamal comes to know the reason behind the problem created by Sambasivudu and warns hime. Twist in the tale forms when Sambasivudu is brutally murdered. Kamal will be blamed on Sambasivudu murder? Will Kamal be saved from the case? Who killed Sambasivudu is rest of the story.


Vishal gives decent performance once again and his role gets all credit with his matured acting.

Catherine Tresa has not much scope to perform and the actress has nailed it once again with decent role.

Madhusudhan Rao turns out to be central role as Sambasivudu through out the film.

Technical Department:

Songs by Hip Hop Tamizha is below par while the Background score gets decent.

Balasubrahmaniam's Cinematography is an asset and the visuals are extrordinary.

Production values by Vishal Film Factory are rich.

Editing is neat.

Direction by Pandiraj gets a decent score from the audience. His screenplay and narration part is gripping.


The film Kathakali is all about the murder mystery of Sambasivudu. Though the story gets in touch with gripping screenplay the film has wasted scenes in both halves which will definetely test audience patience.

Vishal carried whole film with his matured acting and the major credit for this film goes to Pandiraj in the form of screenplay. The cinematography and BGM in both halves major plus.

However, Love track between Vishal and Catherine Tresa is not impressive with much boring elements. The songs have nothing to do with misplacement and non situations in the movie. The story line is good and the director has failed to execute. Apart from few scenes and predictable second half, the film has all necessary content to catch the audience pulse.

Final Word:

Engaging Film

RATING: 2.75/5