Guntur Talkies Movie Review

Mar 5, 2016

Andhrapulse brings you Guntur Talkies Film Review featuring Siddhu, Rashmi Gautam, Naresh, Shraddha Das, Mahesh Manjrekar in key roles. The film is directed by Praveen Sattaru and produced by Raaj Kumar M with Sri Charan as the music director.

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Hari (Siddu) and Giri (Naresh) works in a Medical shop, and settles as an small time robbers.On one situation, Hari and Giri plans to rob a middle class family house where they will be locked up with Jackie (Mahesh Manjrekar) and Revolver Rani (Shraddha Das) who comes after them.

Why Hari and Giri will change as small time robbers? How Jackie and Revolver Rani connect with Hari and Giri? Where will Suvarna connect with Hari is rest of the story.


Siddhu as Hari is convincing in his role with well times expressions and perfection in comedy.

Sr Actor Naresh looks apt in the role of Giri and he is the show stealer.

Rashmi Gautham performs bold and connects onscreen with her glamor.

Shraddha Das as Revolver Rani looks gorgeous and so called role Revolver Rani is an unique attempt in her career.

The other roles donned by Mahesh Manjrekar, Pavala Shyamala Raghu Babu, Tagubothu Ramesh, Fish Venkat are good in their roles.

Lakshmi Manchu and Chaitanya Krishna cameo is a surprise

Technical Department

Sri Charan’s musical scores go on average note with the BGM sounds perfect.
Ram Reddy's cinematography goes on right track.

Dialogues are strictly meant for adults where the masses will surely appeal for what they have been expecting.

Praveen Sattaru’s direction compared to his earlier films is not much affective due an adultry content in the film.

Production values are just Okay.


Guntur Talkies film will only leave you in the dumb situation if you expect it from the Director Praveen Sattaru who is known for his novel storylines decent execution.

The film is highly underrated with adult content and the dialogues will definitely ooze out only for mass audience who enjoys A-rated films. Though the casting is perfect and the characterizations are well-etched, there is lag in most of the scenes where the director has completely missed it due to failed output.

Apart from Siddhu, Naresh and Mahesh Manjrekar roles the film has nothing interesting elements with a temporary relief of Rashmi Gautam’s glamour.


Strictly for Adults

RATING: 2.5/5