Venello Hai Hai Movie Review

Feb 6, 2016

Andhrapulse brings you Venello Hai Hai Movie Review this friday. The movie stars with Ajmal and Nikitha Narayan in lead roles. Famous Director Vamsi directed this film and produced by D Venkatesh under DV Cine Creations with Chakri's Musical Scores.

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Susheel (Ajmal) works as a software engineer in Mumbai. Susheel's parents forces him to marry and fixes a match with Satya family. However, Susheel has to decide the match will be asked by his parents to meet Satya.

On the process, Sushil parents who meets thier spiritual guru will come to know that Susheel is already married to a girl named Tanuja. Will Susheel meet Satya? Who is Tanuja forms the crux of the story.


Ajmal comes back after long to the through straight telugu film and gives decent performance.

Nikitha Narayan's role is not showcased properly due to the lack of perfection in narration.

The other roles come and go where there is nothing important except for thier part to entertain audience.

Technical Department:

Music by Chakri (Late) is on below par and the background score is average.

Production Values by DV Cine Creations is rich

Director Vamsi has showcased the roles mainly on lead pair with most of the common scenes all the time. Screenplay looks boring with no proper editing


Venello Hai Hai is the film about Susheel and his love life that has missed his valuable time in spending. He realizes on one case and goes in search of his love.

However, the story starts in dull note with boring introduction of characters and the director has totally failed in execution of the script. Venello Hai Hai has only one option to score in music department.

The film's first and latter halves go on predictable note with no proper twists or any interesting scenes. Though few scenes look engaging, due to lack of failure in all department executions, the film result is bad.

Final Word:

Boring Drama

RATING: 1.75/5