Terror Movie Review

Feb 26, 2016

Srikanth is back with his upcoming film Terror this weekend. The film is directed by Satish Kasetty and produced by Shaikk Mastan which has Nikitha as the leading lady in the film. Sai Kartheek provides tunes to this action thriller.

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Sincere CI Vijay (Srikanth) will get suspended for unknown reasons. On the process, he will be blamed by his family too due to misunderstandings his profession and personal life.

Keeping all issues aside, Vijay starts his investigation on a important case where shocking truths will be known by him. Rest of the story is how Vijay comes into form with his position? Will Vijay succeeds in his stopping terror attack is rest of the story.


Srikanth gets into form with his powerful form in an angry and sincere police officer role. This film will be a kickass turn to his upcoming offers.

Nikitha role is limited and has very few scenes.

The role donned by Kota Srinivasa Rao is good. 

Ravi Varma and Nasser justify their respective roles. 


Firstly, Director Satish Kasetty has safely played his game with an extraordinary narration. He has chosen a sensitive plot and gets easily connected through Srikanth's role. His screenplay and narration is simpler and scored an impressive result in exectuting the plot.

Music by K Sai Kartheek is so-so with an impressive BGM through out the film.

Production Values is neat.

Editing could have been better in second half


With Srikanth's stupendous performance, Terror gives huge relief to Srikanth's career after 7 years. He definitely gets applauds with his dedication in the film's plot. Though there is no entertainment in the film, the director has managed well in executing the movie with impressive screenplay and good twists.

Apart from few boring scenes, the film overall is an eye thriller in a serious drama.

Final Verdict:

Watchable Terror