RGV unveils Vangaveeti first look

Feb 4, 2016

Ram Gopal Varma needs no introduction for his unique and controversial films. The director has recently released Killing Veerappan film and the movie gets positive buzz. Within no time, RGV has released the first look stills of his forthcoming film titled Vangaveeti.

The movie is based on true incidents of Vijayawada Legend Vangaveeti Ranga and is life. RGV reveals the look of his actor in posing him as the title lead.

Soon after revealing the stills from Vangaveeti film, RGV tweeted,"Kammavaalla manasthapanni ardham chesukune thelivunnavalle arhatha vunna nijamaina kaapulani chepparu";

"Vangaveeti Radhagaariki coffee ante chaala ishtamani Vangaveeti Ranga gaaru naatho chepoaru" and 

"Vangaveeti Radha chaala thakkuva saarlu thana aantarangikula madhya cigaretlu kalchevaallu"

Soon after releasing the stills, netizens gives positive buzz and posted their comments.The more details of the film and casting will be unveiled soon by the filmmakers.