Nara Rohith clarifies on Thatikonda Sai Krishna controversy

Feb 8, 2016

Actor Nara Rohith has stated clearly that his fan Thatikonda Sai Krishna is no where related to his financial matters. Recently Thatikonda Sai Krishna has collected fulsome amount in the name of Nara Rohith.

Nara Rohith has informed that he only knows him as his fan and he is not responsible for the amount which has been taken from innocent people. Meanwhile, Rohith has confirmed the news through a press note mentioning that that he deals alone while engaging any films and also clarifies that he doesn't have any manager. 

Finally, Rohith confirms that he will take action legally if any one tries to misuse his name for financial matters. Currently, the actor is busy shooting his forthcoming films titled Tuntari, Savithri and Raja Cheyi Vesthe.