Garam Movie Review

Feb 13, 2016

Andhrapulse brings you Aadi's Garam Movie Review this Friday. The film is directed by Madan and produced on Srinivasai Creations with Agasthya's musical scores. Adah Sharma is seen as love interest for Aadi in the film.

Check Garam Movie Review below.


Varaala Babu (Aadi) and Ravi (Chaitanya Krishna) are neighbors and form rivalry from childhood for silly reasons. Years later, Ravi gets job in Hyderabad. Aadi also decides to move on job trails to the same city.Varaala Babu comes across Sameera (Adah Sharma) and falls for her in love at first sight.

As time passes, Varaala Babu finds Ravi in bedridden state in the hospital.Twist in the tale forms, when Ravi and Sameera are interconnected in a trouble. What causes Ravi in bedridden state? Who is Sameera? Will Varaala Babu save Ravi is rest of the story.


Aadi asusual delivers his extraordinary performance with energetic dances and action stunts. His role has all the elements which get easily connected to the audience.

Adah Sharma role though is limited for songs; her role has all the importance
to unfold the twist in the storyline. Apart from one scene, she doesnt have much scope to appeal.

Naresh and Tanikella Bharani gave commendable output in the respective roles.

Comedians Shakalaka Shankar and Madhu steal the show and Brahmanandam as PK
is hilarious.

Kabir Duhan Singh role could have been in better way.


Garam's musical scores by Agasthya is on below par and the songs placement is not good.

Editing is neat and Production Values by Srinivasai Creations is decent.

The direction by Madan is flattered with no interesting scenes throughout the film. His selection in executing has totally failed due to predictable storyline with boring narration.


Garam is the film, Aadi pins hope and hope the actor finally disappoints this time also. Madan who has directed family entertainers earlier has now tried to showcase youth entertainer mixing all commercial elements.

The film's both halves has been flatten due to weak screenplay and forcible comedy in most of the film. Apart from Aadi and Chaitanya's role, the film goes on confusing drama and wasted scenes.

Final Verdict:

Boring Film