Nenu Sailaja Movie Review

Jan 1, 2016

Ram and Keerthy Suresh in the main lead roles in Nenu Sailaja has been released worldwide on January 1st, 2016. Kishore Tirumala is the director and music is by Devi Sri Prasad. Andhra Pulse here has given complete review of Nenu Sailaja.

Story :-

Hari (Ram) who doesn't love anymore as he failed in half a dozen and broke out in all of them. He goes in his way in life and comes through Sailaja (Keerthy Suresh) and falls for her in the first sight. Hari proposes to Sailaja but she rejects saying that she loves him but not want to continue. Further Hari wants to get closer to life of Sailaja and finally gets all the means to get close to her. Rest of the story is will Hari wins Sailaja forms the crux.


Ram, looks energetic and he looks so matured in his role of Hari. His body language and comedy timing in the film is well improved. Ram's emotional carry through out the film is a major asset.

Keerthy Suresh makes a decent debut in the title role Sailaja. She looks beautiful on screen opposite Ram with matured acting skills.

Dhanya Balakrishna role is limited and has the all the credit in the major twist.

Sathyaraj gets an important role in the film.

Technical Department

The film's music scores an major asset in the form of Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad. The back ground score is decent.

Editing by Srikar Prasad is neat in the first half and could have been better worked out well in second half too.

The production values by Sri Sravanthi Movies is rich.

Kishore Tirumala direction is impressive. The film's screenplay scores major asset in the film.


Ram's Nenu Sailaja is pure and clean entertainer with no ups and downs in the visuals. The presentation is simple and narration is neat. The film's first half goes in entertainment mode while the film's latter half carries all emotions.

Ram has simply nailed it with his matured performances and fills all the need which the audience has been waiting for his films. The onscreen romance between Ram and Keerthy Suresh is decent.

The proceedings and the narration is convincing. Though the second half goes on slow pace, the director has made it so clear with neat screenplay and carried the emotion through out the film.

Final Word:-

Nenu Sailaja - Youthful Love Entertainer

RATING : 3/5