Kavvintha Movie Review

Jan 8, 2016

Andhrapulse brings you Kavvintha Movie Review this friday. The film has Vijay Dharan Datla, Diksha Panth in lead roles. Directed by Vijay Chowdary Tripuraneni and produced on Anjani Movies by Puvvala Srinivasa Rao.

Read below for Kavvintha Film Review and Rating.


Srinu (Vijay Datla) is a careless young guy lives in village. His crush Rani (Diksha Panth) is a relative to him loves each other. Srinu who has no responsibilities try to woo her at maximum time and things gets worsen when Rani's engagements are in discussions.

Rani's Parents who doesn’t want to marry Srinu, objects Srinu's proposal. Will Srinu convinces, Rani's Parents? What twists and turns will Srinu face in his love life is rest of the story?


Vijay Dharan Datla's role is designed with no interesting elements and this guy should improve his acting skills from all corners. His dialogues, expressions make no sense in the most of the scenes.

Diksha Panth, looks traditional and suits as an village girl.

LB Sriram once again gets in connected role and justified with his nice performance.

Dhanraj , Shakalaka Shankar and Naveen Neni generates pale comedy.


Director Vijay Chowdary Tripuraneni selects rotine line to execute his screenplay traditionally and falls flatter due to the lack of poor script.

Sunil Kashyap music has not saved the film atleast through feel good music. The BGM by Y.P.Chaitanya scores average.

Production Values by Anjani Movies is below par.

Karthik Ghattamaneni's cinematography is neat while Madhu G Reddy's editing could have been better.


Kavvitha, is neither a feel good love story nor any other genre where the film starts on dull note and ends up with fire testing audience in each individual frames.

The scenes have nothing to do with film's concept and director has only tried to explain the film with few laughs and imbalanced scenes. First Half starts on boring note and second half no one cares for the predictable scenes.

The scenes on Lead Pair and the entertainment part is forced only for run-time.

Final Word:

Outdated Entertainer

RATING: 1.75/5