Kalavathi / Aranmanai 2 Movie Review, Rating - Siddharth, Trisha, Hansika

Jan 29, 2016


Sundar C is back with his latest sequel of Chandrakala film which has turned out to be an average film at the tollywood box-office for its fun and horror. Now he came up with film titled Kalavathi. The film has Siddarth, Trisha and Hansika in lead roles. The movie is produced on Good Cinema Group in association with Sarvanth Ram Creations with Hip Hop Tamizha musical scores. Read below for Kalavathi Movie Review.

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Zamindar (Radha Ravi) of the village will be hospitalized in a serious condition where Murali (Siddharth) comes along with Anitha (Trisha) take care of him.Soon after entering into the palace there will be mysterious notes happens to the duo.

Murali with no option confuses with what’s going on with the palace. Meanwhile, Murali comes to know about his brother who is hiding a strange reason about the palace. Murali urges him to tell the truth and plans to introduce Anitha's brother Ravi (Sundar C) enters to sort out the mysterious happenings.

The rest of the story is deals with why Kalavathi comes back to the palace.


Siddharth gets a unique opportunity to cash his register through this different genre. The actor himself gives a try to do experimental films and in this movie his role gets ups and downs due to major cast domination. He has simply chosen this genre to give a try and his role says it all with no interesting twists in his part.

Trisha Krishnan gives her bikini treat and nothing goes on her way in this film apart from few scenes. Her role is only limited for few scenes and songs.

Hansika justifies in the title role as Kalavathi, and the actress impresses audience with two different roles.

Rest of the roles by Poonam Bajwa ,Sundar C delivers impressive performance. Kovai Sarala, Soori and Manobala give enough entertainment.

Technical Department

Hiphop Tamizha's musical scores make appeal to Tamil audiences as there is much nativity of Tamil and Telugu songs goes on so-so in this version with loud background score.

Cinematography is decent neat and gets in horror feel with visuals.

Editing by NB Srikanth could have been better.

Director Sundar C tries to come up with different storyline through this film and the director made only few changes with predictable scenes through out the film

Production values by Good Cinema Group are okay.


Kalavathi arrives with low expectations and hardly the film goes on predictable note with loud background score. The director has made it clear, that the revenge has been added to the horror genre which the film has nothing to do.

Siddharth, Trisha roles could have been better in execution as there is not much scope to them to perform except for their expressions and for songs. Hansika gives her best to save the film with her thrilling performance carrying horror and emotional scenes.

The first half of the film has nothing much to do except in pre-interval scenes which reveals the key plot. The film’s second half is quite dragging and hardly has no thrilling scenes.


Kalavathi- Predictable Horror Genre

RATING: 2.75/5