Express Raja Movie Review

Jan 14, 2016

Express Raja featuring Sharwanand, Surabhi in lead roles in released today competing with Balakrishna’s Dictator Movie. The film is directed by Merlapala Gandhi and produced on UV Creations Banner with Praveen Lakkaraju’s music composition. Here is Express Raja Movie Review below.


Raja (Sharwanand) is a happy-go-lucky guy comes to Hyderabad from Vizag on job trails. He hates dogs and one fine comes across Amulya (Surabhi) and falls for her in love at first sight. Amulya who is also a dog lover keeps Raja a bit far for his irresponsibility’s.

Meanwhile, Amulya’s dog goes missing. Twist in the tale gets closer in the form of spoiler to Raja where Amulya asks Raja to bring back her dog in order to agree his love proposal.

Apart from Raja, many of them will also start searching for the dog, why are they searching for Dog? Will Raja bring back Amulya’s Puppy is rest of the story.


Sharwanand gets in comedy touch once again after Run Raja Run, and he is at top notch once again with his perfection in timing, and does justice to the title role.

Surabhi looks hot in her glamorous role, though she was offered a limited role.

Saptagiri steals the show with his perfect comedy timing

Prabhas Seenu excels hilarious in his role.

Supreet proves at his best and gets in connection with a sudden twist in the film.

Technical Department

Praveen Lakkaraju’s musical scores are impressive.

Merlapaka Gandhi’s direction angle gets in connecting audience with comedy and racy screenplay.

Editing could have been better in second half.

UV creations Production values are rich.


Sharwanand dons a responsible role as irresponsible guy and looks apt in the title role. Express Raja film look refreshing with right commercial elements. The film starts of a racy mode with nice twists and the director will not waste any much time for introducing roles. The narration is neat and has the ability to catch the pulse of each and individual audience who comes into theaters.

The film is packed with loads of fun with Sapthagiri and Prabhas Seenu scenes with Sharwanand’s combination which is also a major asset.

Though. the first half moves at rapid pace the film goes on predictable note with unnecessary scenes in the latter half.

Final Verdict

Funny Express Raja

RATING : 3/5