YSRCP demands TDP on imposing prohibition

Dec 11, 2015

With AP Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy declaring that YSRCP will impose total prohibition if voted to power in AP, the Party leaders have now demanded TDP to declare its stand on the issue.

YSRCP spokesperson K. Parthasarathi on Wednesday has demanded the Telugu Desam Government to state its stand on the imposing prohibition, rather than criticizing the opposition parties.
The Opposition Party of AP on the other hand took an objection to the Centre’s affidavit regarding on Krishna water sharing and thrashed TDP government of mortgaging the State’s interests for its own gains. MLA G. Srikanth Reddy speaking on the issue said that by padding the upper riparian states of Maharshtra and Karnataka and distributing the allocated share of 811 TMC would affect the irrigation system  and may cause danger to AP, which was at the tail-end.

YSRCP Leaders accused CM Naidu for not making any efforts to save from situation, which they refer as tantamount to mortgaging the State’s interests.