TDP’s big scam behind Capital Construction: YSRCP

Dec 30, 2015

YSR Congress party senior leader of the party Botsa Satyanarayana made allegations on TDP government regarding the capital construction, that CM Naidu and TDP leaders are looting lakhs of crores of public money in the name of capital construction in Amaravati.

The YSR Congress leaders demanded that the government should maintain transparency in its dealings relating to capital construction by placing the documents relating to the new capital in the public domain. The Opposition Party leaders ask the State Government to follow the Central government’s policy guidelines on partnerships with private sector in regard to the Singapore agencies in infrastructure development.

“One of the signatories of the MoU on behalf of the Singapore Government resigned from the job and joined as CEO of the two private companies that merged into one, which later into an agreement with the Naidu government for Amaravati construction,” Botsa Satyanarayana said.

He further added that the government’s move is deliberately commercial in nature and the government should explain how the signatory on behalf of Singapore government could suddenly become the CEO of the two companies that bagged the contract. “These commercial manipulations lead to massive corruption and government cannot give the land acquired from poor farmers to foreign companies on a platter.”