TDP surveys are sponsored: YSRCP Leaders

Dec 16, 2015

The YSR Congress on Tuesday has stated that the surveys conducted by the TDP Government in Andhra Pradesh were sponsored and there is no truth in the data. The surveys showed that AP people were happy with the TDP government.

YSRCP MLA G Srikanth Reddy told reporters on Tuesday, “The survey displaying 35 % assent to the DWACRA groups clearly shows that the TDP was resorting to misinformation on the implementation of various schemes, as not a not a single loan of the women groups was waved. The pensions are also being carried in an mismanaged way.”

“There is no truth in the survey data, and TDP has revealed such false survey data only to self boast as there is no truth in it. The incident revealing TDP activists involvement in land, sand and liquor mafia spreading over the state shows how TDP got such high percentage in surveys,” YSRCP leaders criticized the AP government.