Shankarabharanam Movie Review

Dec 4, 2015

Andhrapulse brings you Nikhil's Shankarabharanam Movie Review this friday directed by Uday Nandanavanam. The film has Nanditha, Anjali, Sampath Raj, Brahmanandam in key roles. Kona Venkat has provided script to this film and produced by MVV Satyanarayana. Praveen Lakkaraju provides tunes to this crime thriller.


Gautam (Nikhil) a happy going guy lives in New York. Within no time Gautam will face a financial problem and will decide to sell his property which is India.

Gautam's Mother Rajjo Devi (Sitara) has a property in the form of Palace named Sankarabharanam. Gautam comes to know about the palace which is in Patna Region and decided to sell the property and clear all the debts. Within no time Gautam takes help of his dad's best friend son Sapthagirl and reaches to palace.

Twist in the tale, Bihar Local Goons and Kidnappers will come to know about Gautam's entry in to Bihar? What will happen to Gautam's property will he successfully sell his property is rest of the story?


Nikhil, is known for his unique roles and the actor looks apt in his role.

Nanditha looks decent and has no scope for her role except for the on screen chemistry with the lead actor

Anjali dominates and gets in connected to the film's twist

Sampath Raj as usual gets a routine role

Sapthagiri, Brahmanandam and Pruthvi are hilarious in their respective roles.


Cameraman’s work is all the credit to the film's output. The focus on Bihar locales looks so good and the cinematography scores pretty good in showing the visuals in quite brilliant way. Music by Praveen Lakkaraju goes on a boring note.

Kona Venkat's screenplay looks boredom and has noting interesting through out the film. Editing is Okay.

Debutante Director Uday Nandanavanam has chosen a concept which can reach audience very easily, the director has not make his impression in narrating the plot with interesting twists due to pretty ordinary execution in both halves.

Production Values are so-so. Apart from Bihar Scenes, the film has no rich in presence.


Shankarabharanam is finally released with expectations and within no time grabbed the time of film lovers with trailers and promotions. But the film has all got wasted with no proper screenplay or execution in the script.

The first half goes on emotional and family scenes between mother and son. In the latter half, the director has totally failed to take the film's plot to the next level.

Final Word:

Routine and Boring

RATING - 2.5/5