Nava Manmadhudu Movie Review

Dec 21, 2015

Dhanush, Samantha and Amy Jackson starrer Nava Manmadhudu directed by Velraj is released worldwide. Nava Manmadhudu being the telugu version of tamil film Thangamagan gets response on similar magic at Box-office from the makers of Radhuvaran B.Tech. Check below for Nava Manmadhudu Movie Review.


Bharath (Dhanush) belongs to middle class guy living with his family happily. Bharat falls in love with Hema (Amy Jackson), and the duo enjoy their love life, but due to some problem, they breakup.

Leaving with no memories,  Bharath also joins in a small job in his dad’s office, and gives nod to his parents to marry girl of his parent’s choice Yamuna (Samantha). In No time Bharath faces huge financial problem after his father (K S Ravi Kumar) commits suicide.

Will he solve all his financial problems? What happens to Bharat’s married life is worth watching it on big screen.


Dhanush showcases two vital roles in the film, and he as asusual gives his best in portraying his role.

Samantha steals in role as Yamuna and gets all credits in the film with her cute performance once again as a married lady.

Amy Jackson looks stylish in the film, and her role shares love chemistry with Dhanush for limited scenes.

K S Ravi Kumar and Radhika Sarath Kumar are at their best in the respective roles.

Technical Department

Anirudh’s musical scores is decent, and the background score is turns heart throughout the film. 

Cinematography is neat gives a feel of middle-class ambience.

Dialogues are neat and entertaining

Velraj’s justifies his narration which stoods realistic but the direction in the latter half could have been better.

Production values are decent.


Nava Manmadhudu, being the brand mark film from the makers of Raghuvaran Btech, released with one such expectations with similar kind of storyline, but the film Nava Manmadhudu mostly runs on family-emotional drama, with rapid pace of screenplay.

The first half is has all the love story elements and eye pleasant romantic and comedy scenes, and songs will reach to the audience pulse.

Latter in the second half, Dhanush and Samantha share good screen space.

Though the film in the second half starts of on a boring note with disappointment, there is a very slow-paced proceedings and entertainment has nothing to workout.


Nava Manmadhudu – Refreshing and Boring

RATING – 2.5/5