Loafer Movie Review

Dec 17, 2015

Mega Hero Varun Tej's Loafer film has released today on a grand scale and here we bring you Loafer Movie Review this week. Directed by Puri Jagannadh and produced by C.Kalyan and Swetha Lana under the banners CK Entertainments Pvt Ltd and Shree Shubha Swetha Films. The film has Disha Patani in a female lead role and Revathi, Posani Krishna Murali are seen in supporting roles.

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Raja (Varun Tej) is a pick pocketer and cheats public to earn money for his selfish needs. His Dad Posani Krishna Murali who lives in Jodhpur lives his wife Revathi for his personal gains.

Raja who probes his father about his Mother confirms that his mother dies due to Jaundice. Mouni (Disha Pathani) runs to Jodhpur and comes across Raja who loves her in the first sight. One fine day Mouni's parents will opens a deal with Raja's dad to bring back her.

Who is Mouni? Will Raja, Mouni love each other? Will Raja identifies her Mom is rest of the story.


Varun Tej improved a lot with matured acting skills and his expressions in Suvvi Suvvalamma is at top notch. Coming from the Mega Family, the dance moves are at high expectations. His grace in the dance should improve.

Disha Patani debuts in role called Mouni which is only mentioned for glamor.

Posani and Revathi are thier best in their respective roles


The film's Cinematography by P G Vindha is at its best while Sunil Kashyap's music gets decent response from the audience apart from the visuals. His music for the song Suvvi Suvvalamma is a show stealer with Varun Tej's expressions and the song visually.

Stunt Master Vijay gives impressive mark fights for Varun in the film.

Production values by C K Entertainments and Sri Subha Swetha Films are rich

Director Puri's mark is missing in the first half and the screenplay goes on pretty rotine.

Major Highlights

Varun Tej's action

Posani Krishnamurali and Revathi

Suvvi Suvvalamma Song

Minus Points

Routine Story

Lagging Second Half

Visually Songs (apart from Suvvi Suvvalamma Song)


Loafer is all about Raja's life with no responsibilities due to the father's irresponsibility and the mother's love on his missing son.

Varun Tej nailed the show with his utmost acting skills to bring the film's result on his backbone with few risky scenes and matured performance from the actor. The film has ample quotient of commercial elements and stuffed glamour from the lead actress.

The film's first half goes on average note with an interesting bang in the pre-climax. The story results in predictable note with no interesting scenes in both halves.

Final Verdict:

Average Loafer

RATING: 2.75/5