KTR calls Narendra Modi as flying PM

Dec 15, 2015

Telangana IT Minister K T Rama Rao took a jibe on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his foreign tours. KTR cornered the city unit of BJP and accused Modi on his extensive travelling after becoming the Prime Minister.

“Have you seen the face of Prime Minister Modi so far?,” he questioned taking a jibe at PM. He further added that Modi has spent most of his time in flights, flying from one country to another, but he fails to visit the states within the country, not even the BJP-rule states.

KTR accused Centre of denying funds to Telangana State and added that in the past 17 months TRS government had launched several proposals for the new state, but the Modi government did only two things- Swachh Bharat for posing to photos before media, and Jan Dhan Yojana for directing people to open the bank accounts. There is no contribution from the government to any of the accounts, he added. The Telangana Minister accused Centre for denying Telangana State its due share and asked how would Modi government seek votes in the GHMC polls.