Jatha Kalise Movie Review

Dec 26, 2015

Andhrapulse brings you Jatha Kalise Movie Review this week starring Ashwin Babu, Tejaswini in lead role. The film is directed by Rakesh Shashi and produced by Naresh Ravoori in association with Vaarahi Entertainments, Yuktha Creations and OAK Entertainments banner. Sai Karthik composes tunes to this film.

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Rishi (Ashwin) is a software employee in United States who comes to India to attend an wedding event of his close friend in Vizag. However, the marriage will be called off due to some unknown circumstances.

Rishi decides to start off to US and hires a cab to Hyderabad. Tejaswi (Tejaswini) who is supposed to attend an interview in Hyderabad joins the cab which is hired by Rishi.

Rest of the story deals with how Rishi introduces to Tejaswi? Will Ashwin and Tejaswi successfully reached Hyderabad is worth watching it on big screen.


Ashwin improved in his acting skills and he has given best till date in emotional scenes.

Tejaswini once again gets a decent role in this film and gives her matured peformance in the film.

Supporting Artist Snigdha dominates and gives relief with one liner as cab driver in the film.

Vidyuleka Raman, Shakalaka Shankar and Sapthagiri give a relief with their spoof performances.


The film's Cinematography by Jagadish has impresses in showcasing the locales so beautifully.

Sai Karthik music is decent and his background score could have been better.
Production values are just OK.

Director Rakesh Sasi, played it safe with good story line and manages to impress with most of the scenes by decent narration. Though the film is neat, the story line looks so predictable with no such commercial elements and the elevation could have been better in execution.


Jatha Kalise is the film which deals about two strange persons and thier journey to reach their destination from Vizag to Hyderabad in cab. The twists in the film can reach the audience if it really works out with other film releases gets below par results.

The scenes between lead pair scores decent. Comedy scenes in the first half and the spoofs of various hit films in the climax is a huge asset of the film. Though the film goes on entertaining, due to weak screenplay, the scene flow looks so boring due to unnecessary scenes.

Final Verdict:

Routine Entertainer

RATING: 2.75/5