Hithudu Movie Review

Dec 11, 2015

Andhrapulse brings you Jagapathi Babu's Hithudu Movie Review this Friday. The film is directed by Viplav and produced by K.S.V under K.S.V Films Banner. Jagapathi Babu, Meera Nandan, CVL Narasimha Rao and Banerjee are see in prominent roles. Koti provides tunes to the movie.

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Sitaram ( Jagapathi Babu ) comes to Village called Paderu is an ex-naxallite who leaves everything and teaches education in the village.

Abhilasha (Meera Nandan) belongs to the same village who is brilliant in her studies. Sitaram who is impressed by her talent decides to the shine her educational career. On the other hand, Abhilasha lands in trouble due to some issue. Knowing  the position of her, Sitaram also makes necessary arrangements and asks her to shift to other town for further studies.

Rest of the story deals with Sitaram who helps Abhilasha to complete her studies. Will Abhilasha be back to her village? How Sitaram gets connected to Paderu Village forms crux to the story.


Jagapathi Babu gives his best in his two vital roles as an ex-naxallite and and educator and done a promising job.

Meera Nandan looks apt in her role of Abhilasha and delivers impressive performance.

CVL Narasimha Rao and Banerjee impresses in their respective roles.

Plus Points:

Jagapathi Babu Role

Powerful Dialogues

Meera Nandan matured performance

Minus Points:


Background Score

Weak Narration

Dragging Story

No Commercial Elements

Confused Screenplay

Film's Runtime

Predictable Scenes

Technical Department:

In the technical aspects, Koti provided decent music and he gets all the credit in emotional scenes with an impressive BGM.

Editing could have been better

Cinematography by Bharani scores big in showcasing Vizag and outskirt locales in and around the city.

Production Values by KSV Films is average\

Director Viplav has chosen unique plot in showcasing the film in sensitive point. The director could have taken special care in giving best choice in screenplay execution.

He has failed in executing the plot with no interesting twists.


Hithudu has neither special performances nor an interesting plot. Apart from Powerful Dialogues and Emotional Scenes, there is nothing new. The roles in the film has just scored and asset in performing.

Slow Narration and huge runtime tests the audience patience till the climax. There are no excited elements in both halves.

Final Word:

Hithudu-Wasted Plot... Weak Narration