Gopichand's Soukhyam Movie Review

Dec 24, 2015

Gopichand is back with his new film release Soukhyam this weekend. Soukyam is directed by A S Ravi Kumar Chowdary who earlier also worked with Gopichand for the film Yagnam couple of years back.

The film has Regina Cassandra as the leading lady and artists Siva Balaji, Raghu Babu, Siva Prasad, Pruthvi, Brahmanandam and Krishna Bhagavan are seen in supporting roles. Bhavya Creations has produced this film while Anoop Rubens provides tunes.

Read for Gopichand's Soukhyam Movie Review below.


Srinu (Gopichand) is an easy going guy who has no responsibilities lives with his parents in Hyderabad. Srinu is noted to be careless in his family and one fine day he gets into clash withthe son of a goon Baavuji.

Meanwhile, Srinu comes across Sailaja (Regina Cassandra) during his train journey and srinu falls in love with her in a first sight. Sailaja also agrees to the proposal and Srinu decides to introduce Sailaja to his family.

All of a sudden, Sailaja will be seen missing from Srinu. Baavuji who tries to take revenge on Srinu plans to trouble him in from all corners.

Will Srinu save Sailaja? Where Sailaja is is rest of the story.


Gopichand looks energetic and performs with ease in his role. His timing and action sequences are absolute stunning.

Regina Cassandra role in Sailaja looks decent and gives her all stuff in the songs with mass grace in songs.

Pruthvi is meant for spoof performances while Brahmi is wasted yet in another forced entertaining role in the film as Daya (spoof of Temper).

Rohini Hattagandi role is limited and Mukesh Rishi gets a decent role once again as Gopichand's dad role.

Siva Balaji, Raghu Babu and Siva Prasad roles are OK.

Technical Crew:

Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan who are meant for cloud nine punch dialogues has received negative punches again from the result. The screenplay has nothing interesting and the Director A S Ravi Kumar Chowdary loses his grip in showcasing the film's narration.

Music by Anoop Rubes scores routine and stood as just average.

Sreedhar Seepana story is routine and none of the scenes has worked out well

Production Values by Bhavya Creations is the only asset.


Soukyam is not like a loukyam result with neither interesting scenes nor entertainment. From the first half till the climax the film goes on a boring note with forcible comedy.

Director has completely diverted audience expectations to a big disappointment. Gopichand and Regina Cassandra are the only assets in the film with no twists or turns in the other characterizations.

Spoofs are the only biggest routine formula which makes no sense and yet repeated in this film too. Though the film starts off with fast pace narration, there is no common element or interesting plot throughout the film. Average First Half and Horrible Second Half spoil the film's result with routine commercial formula.

Final Word:

Just Average

RATING: 2.25/5