Case on Jenda Pai Kapiraju Actress

Dec 9, 2015

Ragini Dwivedi who has been seen as lead actress role in Nani's Jenda Pai Kapiraju has booked in cheating case recently. The news has been spread viral through out social media within no time.

According to the latest report, a case has been filed at JP Nagar Police Station in Bangalore. The actress's brother Rudrakshi Dikshit has reportedly taken 17 Lakhs rupees from Producer Venkatesh for the film titled Naati Koli to make deal with Ragini Dwivedi. There is also a strong buzz, that the actress dates has been adjusted and later she could not make it happen for the same after several phone calls and messages from the producer. 

Producer Venkatesh has lodged complaint on the same and currently investigation is going on the actress.