Bhale Manchi Roju Movie Review

Dec 25, 2015

Andhrapulse brings you Sudheer Babu starrer Bhale Manchi Roju Movie Review this friday. Directed by Sriram Aditya and produced on 70mm Entertainments. The film has Wamiqa Gabbi, Dhanya Balakrishna, Sai Kumar, Praveen, Venu and all in key roles.

Check below for Sudheer Babu's Bhale Manchi Roju Movie Review.


Ram (Sudheer Babu) who falls in love with his girlfriend Maya (Dhanya Balakrishna) within no time comes to know that she ditched him and decides to stop her wedding. While moving to the weddin with his close friend Aadi (Praveen), Ram meets with an accident which also introduces kidnapper Shakti (Saikumar) who kidnaps Seetha (Wamiqa Gabbi).

On the whole, Shakti kidnaps Aadi and asks Ram to kidnap Seetha (Wamiqa Gabbi) and bring back her to get back his friend Aadi. Ram decides to kidnap Seetha ? Will he kidnap Seetha and save his friend's life is all about the Bhale Manchi Roju.


Sudheer Babu gives his matured performance and impresses with his acting skills even through emotional scenes. His Dances and fight sequences are good.

Wamiqa Gabbi gives best in her debut film in the role of Seethadoes a very good job. She looks so energetic and delivers her role with bubbly expressions.

Sai Kumar yet delivers another negative shade role and entertains audience with one liner.

Chaitanya Krishna and Dhanya are roles are decent and limited.

Prudhvi turns as the major asset and bangs with his hilarious scenes before climax.

The roles by Venu and Posani, Praveen, Vidyullekha Raman and others were so supportive.

Technical Department:

The Cinematography by Shamdat is on top-notch with the visuals has been picturized lavishly.

Sunny MR’s musical scores decent with perfectbackground score.

Dialogues are neat and short

Art work by Rama Krishna is an added asset.

Editing by MR Varma is Average.

Though the storyline is predicatable, Debutante Sriram Aditya gave his special mention in showcasing the screenplay and directionals skills.

Production Values by 70mm Entertainments are decent.


Overall, Bhale Manchi Roju is a film which happens in short hours between the characters showcased. The film has the right mix of commercial elements. and director Sriram Aditya has safely played the game in catching the pulse of audience.

The film main leads, Sudheer Babu and Wamiqa Gabbi scenes are brilliantly shown and the director has clearly filled with entertainment. The film starts off with slow pace and ends in interesting way with all the roles which are used perfectly.

Final Verdict:

Fill up your day with Bhale Manchi Roju