AP government continues Land Pooling Scheme

Dec 7, 2015

Despite the hard circumstances and protests from the land owners, AP Government is continuing its land pooling scheme, and the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (AP CRDA) on Sunday has given the notification for the land pooling scheme for 1,943 acres of land, spread over four village panchayats in the district.

The issued notification has covered 1943 acres of land from selected islets under Rayapudi, Mandadam, Venkatapalem and Undavalli village panchayats. 1,093 acres are included for Pooling scheme from Pedalanka and Chinalanka of Rayapudi village, 362 and 326 acres of land from Mandadam and Venkatapalem villages, and the rest of 162 acres under Undavalli village are issued in notification.

CRDA officials in the notifications asked the farmers who are willing to part their lands to government under LPS scheme to fill 9.3 Form, and the land owners who have objections to fill 9.2 Forms at the CRDA office within the date of the issued notification. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu meanwhile has stated that the State Government will continue the collection of lands for developmental works under Land Pooling and sought for the public cooperation for Amaravati's bright future plans