YVS Chowdary in search of Common Man

Nov 9, 2015

YVS Chowdary who is known for this family mark action entertainer is facing failure time with huge losses with his production films in the recent times.
But keeping all the situations aside, YVS Chowdary is back with a script for which he has given title as Common Man - CM. Recently the Rey Director narrated the script to Raj Tarun for which the actor has impressed but didn't sign the film as he was busy with earlier commitments. Common Man story has been penned years ago but nothing has been materialised. Earlier YVS wanted to make this film with Balakrishna but finally dropped.
However YVS Chowdary is now in plans to rope in either Sai Dharam Tej or Ram as lead stars in Common Man film as they are introduced by him. Lets see what will fate decide about CM.