Wake Up Call For Akkineni Family

Nov 27, 2015

Akhil is turning out to be a big disaster. It is not because that the film failed but because of his wrong step in the case of his second son Akhil as well. When Nagarjuna launched Naga Chaitanya with the film Josh, everyone suggested him to go with a experienced director but the film  failed at the box office and he wanted not to repeat this mistake again and he tried to give a dream launch pad to Akhil but it also turned bad. The film failed at the box office because of its weak content and the makers also could not be able to make it to the audiences in a convincing manner.
If he could have focused more on the story Akhil would have been a hit and the dream debut could have been come true. Now everyone is praising Naga Chaitanya than Akhil. Akhil who got a big launch pad was disappointed by mis guidance from his father and the others. Finally, it is a wake up call now for Akkineni family.