Varma Reacts On Aamir's Comments

Nov 24, 2015

Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma has reacted on the comments Aamir Khan made on the intolerance in Inda right now! Also, RGV states that a country having the top three actors as Muslims, India, the Hindu country is still tolerant

"If Aamir,Sharuk and Salman the three biggest stars of the Hindu country "India" are Muslims, I don't understand where intolerance is? In a predominantly Hindu country,if 3 Muslims can become the biggest iconic super stars that itself proves the majority aren't intolerant. Some celebs complaining about Intolerance should be the last ones to  complain becos they became celebs in a so called intolerant country. Isolated incidents cant be taken as sign of intolerance and the super stardom of 3 Muslims is proof enough of the vast majority's tolerance. Isn't Aamir,Sharuk,Salman,3 Muslims becoming biggest stars of a Hindu country proof enough that india is tolerant? It's the celebs need for creating drawing room debates to increase their popularity which flares up non existent negativity btwn communities. If u are really feeling like a family and there's a problem in the family,family members in public wont say theres intolerance in the family. The fact is that the vast majority connect only to individuals deeds and generalised hard feelings are nothing but juvenile noises." Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.