Trisha Leda Nayanthara Movie Review

Nov 6, 2015

GV Prakash, Anandi, Manisha Yadav starrer Trisha Leda Nayanthara Telugu dubbing film has been released on November 5th in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Adhik Ravichandran is the director of this adult comedy entertainer.

Story :- 

Three Childhood friends Jeeva (GV Prakash), Ramya (Anadi) and Aditi (Manisha Yadav) stays in a same colony. Jeeva who is attracted to ladies from childhood falls for Ramya but in no time they breakup for no reason. After the break-up Ramya shifts to the city and meanwhile Aditi traps Jeeva saying that she loves him.

Jeeva finally moves on with his life by continue his affair with Aditi. After 3 long years Aditi also breaks up with Jeeva and the he goes away to his homeland. Once again his childhood friend Ramya comes in to Jeeva life and this time Jeeva runs away from Ramya. What is final step Jeeva takes forms the crux of the story. 

Performance :- 

GV Prakash is done his best as a normal colony guy Jeeva. He is good at uttering dialogues and best at his comedy timing. 

Anandi is cute in her clinched role but delivers a neat performance. She is ok with her expressions in the emotional sequences. 

Manisha Yadav is glamorous and waters the mouth in most of the times. Her chemistry with GV Prakash is good and sizzling.

And others does their roles in good way.

Technical Analysis :- 

GV Prakash's tunes are decent while BGM does interested in any way. Cinematography should be appaluaded. Sashank Vennelakanti penned the Tamil dialogues with some mutes in double meaning phrases. Editing could be much crispier. First timer Adhik Ravichandran remained weak in narrating the story in second half. 

Analysis :- 

Main Plus Part is that Makers could maintain enough entertaining elements in the first half of the film. Cool comedy with now and then double meaning dialogues worked well in the ongoing sequences. VTV Ganesh does a commendable performance with punch dialogues while he was educated the youth about love making. Interval looks breezy and makes to wait for second half.

Second half lacks the pace from its beginning and the double meaning dialogues takes a big seat from here. More over high dosage of Tamil Flavour and pale narration with weak script tests the patience of the audience. The climax is clinched in sucha away that saying love in a false tone and songs hinder the proceedings in this half. 

Final Word :- 

Worth a adult comedy with weak second half

Rating :- 2.25 / 5