Tripura Movie Review

Nov 6, 2015

Swathi Reddy and Naveen Chandra starrer film Tripura has been released on November 6th. Raaj Kiran is the director of this horror entertainer has tunes by Kamran. 

Story :- 
Tripura (Swathi) is an village belle who lives in Varahapatnam and her night dreams all come to reality which was even believed by the villagers too. With the rare disorder of Tripura, her dad consults a psychiatrist Dr Naveen Chandra (Naveen Chandra) in the city. Tripura falls for Naveen Chandra while he was treating her which finally ends to marriage.
Their Marriage life goes in a cool way but all of a sudden Tripura gets those dreams once again and shows that her husband Naveen Chandra will be killed due to a girl named Eesha (Pooja). Who is the Eesha ? What is the relationship between Naveen Chandra and Eesha? What Tripura does to save her husband forms the crux.
Performance :-
Swathi Reddy is expectionally good in carrying Tripura role and does a superb performance. She put on weight for village belle and to look as a married women which showcases her professionalism. Her cute expressions are major plus for proceedings.
Naveen Chandra has done his part confidentially. Naveen has delivered a clean performance in climax. 
Sapthagiri is hilarious, Rao Ramesh is just ok. Shakalaka Shankar and Jaya Prakash Reddy are wasted. Others does are good.
Technical Analysis :- 
Music by Kamran is just medicore while his background score has elevated the horror scenes. Cinematography by Ravi Kumar Sana is top-notch his lighting work should be applauded. Kona Venkat screenplay is ok and direction by Raaj Kiran lacked novelty. Productions values are rich.
Analysis :- 
Tripura has well-packed first half with village based comedy satires and cool narration brings the breezy feeling all over. The narration goes at a pace with interesting phsycological disorder as it main topic and Swathi is beauty brings the freshness to this village story. Sapthagiri's humorous comedy and Rao Ramesh scintilating performance are sole heart of this part. Interval has dealt in a neat way.
The story goes predictable quite after few minutes the second half begins. All the horror sequences are bit dragged and proceddings lacks freshness. Comedy episodes and songs playing spoilsport with the ongoing subject. Screenplay in this half goes for a toss and unlogical scenes goes on the silver screen. Coming to the climax it has been dealt in a fine way and pre-climax twists raises the curiosity.
Final Word
Tripura- A Weak suspense thriller
Rating :- 2.75 / 5