Thanu Nenu Movie Review

Nov 27, 2015

Thanu Nenu film has released today starring Avika Gor, Santosh Sobhan in lead roles with Ravi Babu in a crucial role in the film. Ram Mohan P alone directed and produced this film under Sunshines Production Banner with Sunny MR music composition.

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Kiran (Santosh Shobhan) NRI who works as call center executive hates America and NRI culture. All of a sudden Keerthi (Avika Gor) enters into the life of Kiran and the duo falls in love.

Keerthi’s Dad (Ravi Babu) is a bit of selfish and dreams on flying high with her daughter to be settled in abroad and bring lumsum amount to hit kitty. Keerthi's Dad will look on marriage proposals for Keerthi and expresses to marry her daughter to an NRI.

Will Keerthi agree to her Dad's Decision? What will happen to Kiran-Keerthi Love is rest of the story?


Avika Gor yet again goes on routine role with no interesting twists. She has to get a meaty content to prove herself in unique subjects to get on track.

Santosh Shobhan gives decent debut in the film and tried his best to act with dedication and entertains audience with his comedy timing.

Ravi Babu proves his best in Dad's role to Avika.


Screenplay looks good in first half and falls flatter in the later half with boring scenes.Production values is rich. The cinematography scores pretty good marks. Music by Sunny M R scores decent.

Director Ram Mohan has done a pretty good job for his debut film and he chooses a novel story line by showing today’s age group and the situations which the youth are facing in their love life.

He showcases love story with good performances from his start cast and gives his best in executing the screenplay.


Thanu Nenu is the film with all commercial elements and appeals the youth and multiplex audience mostly. The film in recent times can give a good experience in its entertaining part.

Castings give impressive performances. Though the film can survive, the director fails to catch the audience pulse in the second half with most the dragging scenes in the film.

Overall, Thanu Nenu is the film where the story is only advantage along with lead pair chemistry.


Routine Love Story

RATING: 2.75/5