Star Kids Who Failed To Prove

Nov 29, 2015

There were many times when the celebrity sons failed to prove themselves at the box office and the stars and star kids really love to build a career for their sons. But unfortunately many at times the star sons fail to prove at the box office. Star kids have the luck and dream launch pad that the ordinary heroes will not have the chance of making it big and in some cases too, they cant make it big as well. Here, Andhrapulse has come up with an interesting story now where many times the star sons failed to prove at the box office.
The makers always wanted to project the star heroes in a big light and also these producers always come up with some unique plans to impress the stars. The content has been getting very under estimated in these films and there will be no scope for the performance in fact.

Aryan Rajesh

Aryan Rajesh, the son of star director EVV Satyanarayana has made 17 films in his career. Though he is the son of a star director, he failed to impress with the films he made.
Dasari Arun Kumar

Though Dasari Narayana Rao is the big director in the film industry, anything is possible for him and still he failed to give him a very good launch pad.
Prakash Kovelamudi

Though prakash has the sensibilities of a director, he failed to prove himself as an actor and even as K Raghavender Rao is a star director he failed to give a launch pad to the director.

Gautham son of star comedian brahmanandam also failed to prove himself multiple number of times.