RGV trolls Star Sons again

Nov 26, 2015

Director Ram Gopal Varma who is well known for controversies is yet again in to the news through his Twitter Account. He openly congrats the team of Kumari 21 F unit and congratulates Actor Raj Tarun for his efforts to make the film Grand Success. 

Directly, RGV criticizes Star Sons comparing with Raj Tarun and gives credit to his acting skills.
The tweets are, "All Star sons should learn a lesson from Raj Tarun in taking cinema forward instead of assuming the audience to be idiots".

"Really great to see a guy from nowhere Raj Tarun pushing boundaries while all the star sons are sticking to regressive old fashioned films".

"Many many Congrats to Raj Tarun,Heebah Patel Sukumar and Surya Pratap for Kumari 21F"
"Stars and sons should realise only spectacles like Bahubali or content driven Bhale Bhale Magaadivoys or Kumari21Fs will work" tweeted Ram Gopal Varma.

Currently Ram Gopal Varma is busy scripting his new film with Actor Raj Tharun and has been promoting his upcoming film Killing Veerappan.