RGV Said Truth, But No One Cared

Nov 16, 2015

Ram Gopal varma who is known for his interesting tweets posted some facts last night regarding the society we are living on. he straight away asked about the point of "Considering that Ravana never did anything so villainous was he really that big a villain?" and added his take to it. he also says that there are more villains in the country when compared to Ravana as every month we are having hundreds taking their birth but no one cared him.

"Apart from not commiting any atrocity on Sita,inspite of being in his custody for months,did Ravana commit any other atrocities? just asking. I know that Ravana was a villain but I never heard a single act of villainy of his like I heard of Hitler,Osama bin laden etc. No Raakshas I read about ever did any Rakshas things ..in other words writers dint do character development but us dumbos blindly believed. 

If Raavana's only crime is just kidnapping Sita I think we produce atleast 100 much more bigger villains every month in India." Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.