Rajeev Kanakala Talks About Differences With NTR

Nov 15, 2015

Young Tiger NTR and Rajeev Kanakala are very good friends in the film industry. Both of them share some good memories. Now, of late there are several rumors on their relationship and it looks like there is something not is not going well between them. But we all knew that both are best friends from a long time and in a recent interview, Rajeev Kanakala came up with a clarification on this and said that there are no differences between them. Rajeev Kanakala opened up on several issues and he clearly revealed the facts about their disputes between them.

The actor straight away cleared all the rumors and revealed that there no differences between them and said that if there is any character that really suits him, NTR would definitely suggest it and without any proper character, he dislikes to be a part of the film. Finally, Rajeev said that they are very good friends.