Nayanthara's Beer Bottle Controversy trending now

Nov 16, 2015

Actress Nayanthara is once again into the news with her recent still with Beer Bottle in her hand. This is the second time that the actress has caught red handed with Beer Bottle. Earlier, a video of Nayanthara buying a beer bottle in Bar Shop gone viral. 

Later, there is a clarification from the makers of tamil filmakers about the video clipping which is on the part of her shoot for a film titled Naanum Rowdythaan. The latest Beer Bottle Still from Nayanthara is from the film titled Thirunaal. However, the actress has got much craze for unknown reason with once again beer bottle.

Meanwhile, Thirunaal filmmakers are claiming that there is no scene related to her with Beer Bottle in the film. Lets wait whether Nayanthara will open up on this news too.