Mr.Baru traced track record of Naidu

Nov 14, 2015

Mr.Baru has traced the track record of Naidu and listed his typical self-centered political characteristics very aptly. Came to a conclusion that he is both a dreamer and a schemer and says that, in united AP, the schemer got the better of the dreamer and he not only lost power, but the Telugus lost their state. But in the end made a volt-face saying that he has now an opportunity to realize his dreams for the benefit of the Telugus in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. And Amar
avati can become India’s best city of the 21st century — which means a modern, humane, energetic, green and clean, and liveable city with public spaces, facilities and transport. If Naidu delivers, he would earn his place in history.
The track record of Naidu and the ground reality in the state does not support his misplaced hopes on Naidu.
Primafice , A.P. is not a country; it is a state, one of 29 in India and does not require a ‘21st century city’ as capital. It will be suffice if he can establish a functional Capital allowing it to grow organically like any other new capital cities developed in the country. The state and Chandrababu Naidu do not have the wherewithal to make it a world class capital. The limited economy of A.P. with about $ 80B GDP and about $ 1200 PCI cannot create a world class capital with an investment of more than $ 40 B. Even if it is undertaken with the help of FDI, A.P.’s economy cannot sustain it and service the gargantuan city infrastructure. It is way beyond its requirement and an unwarranted white elephant. He cannot complete it in his remaining 3 1/2 of years. What happens next politically, nobody knows. Like any of his ‘desi’ adventures this ‘world class’ adventure also has to languish in bits and pieces. Meanwhile a great deal of precious resources of the state will be wasted and regional disparities and political dissensions will increase affecting the forward movement of the new state. Like Mr. Baru said the seed of State of Rayala seema is already sown by his unilateral action, without consensus in the state on the capital.
In such circumstances, Andhra intellectuals, despite knowing its impossibility should not foster false hopes. It is time to call ‘a spade a spade’. After all this gargantuan misadventure is going to affect the entire state and its people

by Pandalaneni Srimannarayana