Manchu Hero Criticizes Bollywood Star

Nov 25, 2015

Manchu hero Vishnu Vardhan Babu is currently busy with his upcoming film Sarada and he is seen very active on social media these days. The actor who is extremely busy with the shoot took time to know about what is happening around him and he disliked the opinion of Aamir Khan on intolerance and responded in a strong manner to Aamir Khan. He tweeted his opinion disliking Aamir Khan.
"With due respect to Aamir khan,a fantastic actor;intolerance is everywhere.Ask Hindus & Muslims in Pakistan about it,Muslims in Bangladesh, Ask my African American Brothers about intolerance in one of the greatest nations USA #BlackLivesMatter. Intolerance is everywhere. A few isolated media hyped events cannot represent the general mood of my Great Country, India. True, idiots have. Created a sense of insecurity earlier, some incidents now and maybe in future also. As a society we need to correct that. Not move out of. This great country.India is what has made u AAMIR KHAN.We r not in Afghanistan,to feel so insecure.For record, As an actor I love Aamir Khan." Manchu Vishnu tweeted." Manchu Vishnu tweeted.