I could direct Siva, Rangeela much better than RGV

Nov 7, 2015

The most controversial Director Ram Gopal Varma seemed to be focused his mind now on the young and upcoming actors of Tollywood. Recently RGV tweeted praising Uyyala Jampala star Raj Tharun.
RGV posted " I think Raj Tarun is a fantastic actor..compared to him most actors are Subba Raos. I truly think Raj Tarun more than an actor is potentially a much much greater director than me Poori,V V Vinayak, Rajmouli etc etc"
For which Raj Tarun tweeted " I am doing a film with  RGV ...i think he's just a ok ok director ..my pet name for him is Appa Rao. I honestly feel that I can make a far better Rangeela and a far better Shiva if I were the director ..but still RGV was Ok Ok, Am doing RGV film inspite of thinking that he's just a Ok director because I know I can correct his mistakes"
Is Raj Tarun has countered Ram Gopal Varma with a funniest tweet or its all training of RGV to do this.