Hidden Story of CRDA

Nov 17, 2015

Chandra Babu's administration is not only callous, but extremely dubious in hiding the facts. In the name of constructing a world class capital CBN is playing all kinds of pranks resorting to hide a camel (ccdma) in a parasol.
Shortly after a CRDA is formed, CCMDA is floating under the sleeves of CRDA and pat came the two Government orders Numbers 109 &110, these two Governments orders arms CCDMA with enormous forces. These two GO says that CCDMA is empowered to put down and collect taxes within the vicinity of CRDA. Taxes such as house taxes, amusement tax, surcharges, water taxi, drainage directions, user charges, garbage tax, rental taxes and hence along. And next horrifying is that CCDMA is adorned with such a power, by its discretion, it can give out any quantum of land in the CRDA region, to an any individual or to whatever private company for 99 year lease and the lease amount is fixed by CCDMA.
Today allow us see about CCDMA laying taxes and collecting them in the CRDA region means that the legislative powers of Municipal Corporation, Municipalities and village banquets will be completely cut down. If there are no legislative powers, then what for these houses of Municipal corporations, Municipalities and village panchayts????
This is the narrative behind this smart city, a smart hoodwinking the masses!!!!!. It is unfortunate that no opposition nor media and political analysts missed such an event. By using CCDMA, CBN can favor his relatives and his important party functionaries with the choice lands. The total design of CCDMA is to suit the sinister motto's of Chandra Babu.
How the processes forming of the CCDMA >> It will be set up of government and individual participation and through shares the people enter the CCDMA. ONLY RICH AND LOYALISTS OF CBN ENTERS THE CCDMA AS IT STAKE HOLDERS AND IT WILL BE TURNED INTO PROFIT ORIENTED ORGANIZATION WHERE A COMMONER CAN NEVER BREATHE THE AIR TOO!!! . It is such a diabolic game plan that TDP can make hay while sunshine............ pandalaneni srimannarayana