Hero Comments On Anushkha's Thighs

Nov 25, 2015

Recently, Comedian Ali triggered a controversy with his comments on Anushka's thighs during audio launch of 'Size Zero' movie. Soon after making these comments, he had  to face a lot of criticism and also a lot of heat from the women associations, media and the common audiences. But he could not survive it and he could not take it and he came out and openly reacted on it and apologized for talking like that and also clarified that he will not make any comments like those in future. But here is another actor who openly made comments on thighs of Anushkha now.
Tamil hero Arya who paired with Anushka for Size Zero speaking at an interview to tamil channel repeated what Ali said and added that until Ali told Anushka had great thighs he too did not realize. While everyone is trying to forget about the entire incident, this latest comments now are creating a buzz.