Dont Be A Coward Aamir : Upendra

Nov 25, 2015

Kannada super star Upendra never get into the controversies. He is regarded as a very good actor and film maker. People love him for his unique stories and the way he deals a film. Many times his Kannadan films were released into Telugu as well. The latest film of his is Uppi 2 which released in Telugu and everyone of us have liked the film a lot. Now, the actor looks like very upset with the way Aamir Khan made comments on intolerance in India. As soon as the news broke out, he took to Twitter and expressed his displeasure over that.
"Dear @aamir_khan, you were one of the heroes whom I admired, if there is any intolerance as a hero you need to stand-up and try resolve it. But if you runaway from it then you will be known as a coward, regret to say @aamir_khan, you are no longer a hero for me n many other fans. Don't worry Aamir n Shahrukh Khan, your next movie will be superhit !!! Indians will prove how tolerant they are & you very well know it !!!" Upendra tweeted.