Dommati Sambaiah resigns to TDP

Nov 24, 2015

TDP Party Official Dommati Sambaiah has decided to resign to Telugu Desam Party. The party member has informed that he is not satisfied on the services which are being provided and has given so far for the party is not yet known by many.

Later Dommati Sambaiah also claims that he is not against any ethics of the Telugu Desam Party, but none of the decisions or suggestions given by him is not yet considered. Meanwhile, in a pressmeet held Hanumakonda at his home says, the party has taken an opposite to decision by giving a seat to Parakala in 2014 Elections.

Finally, by mentioning many reasons on the seats alloted to reservations also Dommati Sambaiah claims and sends his official resignation letter to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu.